Susan Dormady Eisenberg

Novelist & Arts Journalist

Annie Oakley was the stage name of Phoebe Ann Mosey (1860-1926). One of her hallmarks was the star she pinned to the brim of her hat.

ANNIE OAKLEY SPEAKS, A Novel (in progress)

Annie Oakley's career, played out in public arenas across the globe, displayed her shooting brilliance but revealed little of the prim Victorian woman she was in her private life as Mrs. Frank Butler.

"Missie" and "Jimmie" were rarely apart, so my novel depicts their 51-year romance, as well as Annie's conflicts with "the colonel," Buffalo Bill, a.k.a. William F. Cody. He was the proverbial "bad boss," and there is far more to the "Mozart of marksmanship"--my term--than the brash character you have met in well-meaning productions of "Annie Get Your Gun."

The real stars, who were the first American celebrities, are joined by several intriguing fictional characters who help bring Annie's adventures to life.

Annie, waiting "backstage" in her tent.


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