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"Classical Singer" and "Opera News"

I have written many profiles for "Classical Singer" including:

Soprano and author Stephanie Cowell (February 2006)

Baritone Gordon Hawkins (Cover, March 2006)

Soprano Marquita Lister (April 2006) & Soprano Sari Gruber (May 2006)

Baritone Rod Gilfry (Cover, August 2006)

Broadway's Brent Barrett and Lisa Vroman (March 2007)

Soprano Ruth Ann Swenson (Cover, September 2007)

Soprano Linda Watson (Cover, May 2008)

Art song & opera composer Lori Laitman (October 2009)

Baritone Robert Orth (November 2011)

Upcoming: A 40th anniversary memorial tribute to baritone Bruce Yarnell, 1935-1973 (October 2013)

I wrote an article for "Classical Singer" (November 2006) about my novel, THE VOICE I JUST HEARD, and the song I commissioned from Lori Laitman. I also wrote the first magazine article about Ms. Laitman's opera, "The Scarlet Letter," which will premiere at Opera Colorado in May of 2013.

For "Opera News" I profiled soprano Marquita Lister (October 2009).

I also wrote an "Opera News" article (September 2010) about four American singers: Elizabeth Bishop, Richard Paul Fink, Nancy Maultsby, and Robert Orth.